Cao Yi

Presearch: A Decentralized Search Engine for Exploring the Unknown and Earning Rewards



This article recommends the use of the decentralized search engine Presearch.

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that not only has its own search engine but also integrates a variety of other search engines, such as Google, DuckDuckGo, and even some blockchain tools such as Etherscan.

Presearch Homepage

Currently, Presearch is actively promoting and providing users with rewards for their usage. Specifically:

Each time a user searches with Presearch, the system rewards 0.1 PRE, with a maximum of 25 rewards per day. PRE is the token of Presearch, and the exchange rates between PRE, USD, and CNY are approximately:

1 PRE ≈ 0.0359 USD ≈ 0.0359 * 7.5 CNY = 0.256685 CNY

(Note: This is the current exchange rate, and the price of PRE may significantly increase in the future when it is listed on more platforms. Ref)

Initially, users can receive a maximum of 25 rewards per day, equivalent to approximately.

Each user can earn PRE rewards when using the search engine. The reward per search and max. rewards per day differ each day, as per our Tokenomics engine V1.0. (Ref)

Once a user has accumulated 1000 PRE, they can withdraw it to their own wallet and also convert it into fiat currency on an exchange.

Registration instructions: By registering through my invitation link, users can receive an additional 25 PRE reward. If you use Presearch normally for 30 days, I can also receive an additional 25 PRE reward.

Exploring the unknown and earning rewards are both wonderful things. Start using Presearch now, and explore the unknown while earning rewards!

Update (2024.06.03): The reward for each search is currently only 0.01 PRE, far less generous than it used to be. However, the engine itself is still quite useful.