Cao Yi



《汉声数学图画书(Young Math Books)》是一套适合小学生阅读的数学科普读物。

  1. 3D, 2D, 1D by David A. Adler, 三维求体积,二维算面积,一维量长度
  2. 666 Jellybeans! All That? An Introduction to Algebra by Malcolm E. Weiss, 软糖666——代数趣谈
  3. Angles are Easy as Pie by Robert Froman, 大家来切派
  4. Area by Jane Jonas Srivastava, 剪剪贴贴,算面积
  5. Averages by Jane Jonas Srivastava, 平均数
  6. Base Five by David A. Adler, 五进制
  7. Bigger and Smaller by Robert Froman, 比比看,谁大?谁小?
  8. Binary Numbers by Clyde Watson, 二进制数
  9. Building Tables on Tables: A Book about Multiplication by John V. Trivett, 大家来做乘法表
  10. Circles by Mindel and Harry Sitomer, 圆
  11. Computers by Jane Jonas Srivastava, (这本也许因为内容太过陈旧,没有中文译本)
  12. The Ellipse by Mannis Charosh, 椭圆
  13. Estimation by Charles F. Linn, 猜一猜,算一算——估计
  14. Exploring Triangles: Paper-Folding Geometry by Jo Phillips, 奇妙的三角形
  15. Fractions are Parts of Things by J. Richard Dennis, 分数是分出来的
  16. A Game of Functions by Robert Froman, 函数游戏
  17. Graph Games by Frédérique and Papy, 图解游戏
  18. The Greatest Guessing Game: A Book about Dividing by Robert Froman, 猜一猜,除一除
  19. How Did Numbers Begin? by Mindel and Harry Sitomer, 数是怎么来的?
  20. How Little and How Much: A Book about Scales by Franklyn M. Branley, 多多少少,谈测量
  21. Less than Nothing is Really Something by Robert Froman, 比零小,还有数哟!
  22. Lines, Segments, Polygons by Mindel and Harry Sitomer, 直线、线段、多边形
  23. Long, Short, High, Low, Thin, Wide by James T. Fey, 长短、高矮和宽窄
  24. Maps, Tracks, and the Bridges of Konigsberg: A Book about Networks by Michael Holt, 地图、铁轨和海德堡的桥——网络
  25. Mathematical Games for One or Two by Mannis Charosh, 一人、两人玩的数学游戏
  26. Measure with Metric by Franklyn M. Branley, 英制与公制的换算
  27. Number Ideas through Pictures by Mannis Charosh, 看图学数理
  28. Odds and Evens by Thomas C. O’Brien, 奇数和偶数
  29. Probability by Charles F. Linn, 概率知多少
  30. Right Angles: Paper-Folding Geometry by Jo Phillips, 折纸的几何
  31. Roman Numerals by David A. Adler, 古罗马人的数字
  32. Rubber Bands, Baseballs and Doughnuts: A Book about Topology by Robert Froman, 橡皮筋、棒球、甜甜圈——拓扑
  33. Shadow Geometry by Daphne Harwood Trivett, 影子几何
  34. Solomon Grundy, Born on Oneday: A Finite Arithmetic Puzzle by Malcolm E. Weiss, 葛小大的一生——有限数系的循环
  35. Spirals by Mindel and Harry Sitomer, 生活中的螺线
  36. Statistics by Jane Jonas Srivastava, 统计
  37. Straight Lines, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines by Mannis Charosh, 直线、平行线、垂线
  38. Venn Diagrams by Robert Froman, 来玩文氏图的游戏
  39. Weighing & Balancing by Jane Jonas Srivastava, 重量与平衡
  40. What is Symmetry? by Mindel and Harry Sitomer, 什么是对称?
  41. Yes-No; Stop-Go: Some Patterns in Mathematical Logic by Judith L. Gersting and Joseph E. Kuczkowski, 可,否 走,停
  42. Zero is not Nothing by Mindel and Harry Sitomer, 零不只是没有