Cao Yi


📖 Git 保姆级实验教程

本教程计划由浅入深,全面介绍 git 的方方面面,让菜鸟可以学会,老鸟亦有收获。学习 git 的方法,是不断做实验,在实践中感悟。



  1. Git 分支整洁之道, The Way to Keep Git Branches Clean
  2. Who are “us” and “them”?
  3. How to Create a New Repository
  4. How to Retrieve the Email of a Commit’s Author
  5. Git Commit 中的时间记录
  6. How to check if a git branch exists in the local/remote repository?
  7. Automating the Removal of Outdated and Merged Branches
  8. Clean Files with a Long Path (Git)
  9. Synchronizing a Remote Repository to Local Using Python
  10. Update Git Branch/Tag Naming Conventions
  11. 合并不同的仓库
  12. Work with Multiple Remote Repositories
  13. Git Submodule Test
  14. core.ignoreCase 说明
  15. pull’s configuration
  16. git 的两种 tag 的平行对比实验